Postage Increases January 22 – Download our Postal Rate Guide

As you may know, postal rates are changing on January 22, 2017. For commercial mailers, some rates go up, some remain the same, and some actually decrease. When looking at all the changes, prices i…

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Envelopes—Your “Get Opened” Tool.

Print Strategist: Marketing Ideas for Progressive Printers

Marketers have a lot of direct mail formats available—postcards, self-mailers, dimensional mailers and, of course, the good old envelope. Many factors from budget and objective to the nature of the offer and audience enter into format decisions. So let’s begin our discussion with when you should recommend an envelope package.

Four Reasons to Choose Envelope Packages.

The first and most obvious is that envelopes provide an ideal solution when the offerrequires more space for multiple components such as a cover letter, brochure, buckslip and reply envelope. After all, something has to keep the components from falling on the ground.

Second, envelopes better accommodate the fact that people buy in different ways. The letter-brochure combo provides alternate ways of presenting information—one more verbal and fact oriented, the other more visual.

Third, real people send things to real people in envelopes. Recipients feel more catered to when they receive an envelope…

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Forest Stewardship Council 5: Buying with the FSC logo

Educated Consumerism

Buying FSC products

  1. Check the FSC products database at

This database will search for manufacturers and distributors so that you can find them in retail stores.

  1. Ask your retailer
  2.  Check that the product has a FSC label

Happy shopping!

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Forest Stewardship Council 4: How the FSC Works

Educated Consumerism

How the FSC Works

“The FSC is a membership organization governed by three chambers with equal vote and power. FSC Members equally represent social, environmental and economic interests, and are representative of the Global North and South.”


The FSC hires independent organizations to certify brands in order to remain unbiased. These organizations are called certification bodies. These certification bodies audit every brand at least once a year to make sure they meet all of the FSC’s principles and criteria for their certification.

Types of Certificates

  • Forest management (FM): A long term certification for a forest’s manager or owner. Must also receive a Coc.
  • Chain of custody (CoC): tracks timber from the forest, through production, to consumers. “for companies that manufacture, process, or trade in timber or non-timber forest products and want to demonstrate to their customers that they use responsibly produced raw materials.

After a brand receives these certifications…

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Forest Stewardship Council 3: Illegal Logging

Educated Consumerism

Illegal Timber

According the FSC, “Illegal logging takes place when there is a violation of laws on cutting, processing and transporting timber.”

They also claim that “in some countries as much as 80% of the timber is harvested illegally, often in violation of human rights and causing destruction of protected forests.”

Some general laws for timber industry include:

  1. Only cutting wood from areas you have previous permission to harvest from.
  2. Respecting restrictions
  3. Paying taxes, royalties, and transportation fees

Illegal timber harvesting is the cause of many of the issues that I mentioned in my previous posts on this subject, and it also causes countries, especially developing countries, to lose out on the revenue from this industry.

The US Lacey Act

The law that prevents illegal logging in the United States is the US Lacey Act. It also bans illegal timber from the US market, though it defines illegal by the…

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Forest Stewardship Council Part 2: Why Forests Are Important

Educated Consumerism

Forests and the Environment

Why are forests important?

Forests are an extremely beautiful and unique part of Earth’s environment, but they also help regulate the world’s carbon by removing carbon dioxide from the air. Trees and plants then store carbon in their bodies. This is called carbon sequestering. Carbon dioxide is most often mentioned as a greenhouse gas that may be linked to global warming. Without these forests that carbon dioxide simply stays in the atmosphere, and when these forest’s are cleared they release the carbon they are storing into the atmosphere, thus releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere. According the FSC, deforestation releases more CO2 into the atmosphere than all of the world’s transportation.

According the FSC, “well-managed forests provide a wide range of social and economic benefits and environmental services, such as livelihoods for people and habitats for animals and plants.” The FSC provides a list of some…

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Forest Stewardship Council Part 1

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Forest Stewardship Council







Introduction to the FSC

Sorry you all these posts are going to be in quick succession so look for the others as well. I have had them done for awhile and was waiting on approval to post them.

What is the Forest Stewardship Council?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created in 1993 with the goal to promote the preservation of forests during the production of timber. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization similar to Fair Trade. FSC uses a creative process to make it financially beneficial to producers to sell legal timber and protect the forests that provide their income. I will discuss this process more in a future post on ‘how the FSC works;’ but the FSC uses a certification system to show consumers and businesses that the products they are purchasing are made from legal timber…

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